AD: Bake A Joy

Im sooo sorry for the hiatus, have been rather busy planning for my son's bday thus the lack of updates. Will start uploading pics of the recent nails I did soon. (:
I ordered my son's cake from BakeAJoy  again! Really love it that they are willing to customise the cakes to my preference.
Last year, I ordered a Rainbow Rilakkuma cake for my boy. I must admit I was quite afraid of the outcome because on my 21st birthday I ordered a fondant cake and it turn out very sweet despite getting it from a famous shop in sg. So, I got Constance to lessen the sugar and was told that the fondant they use are of better quality which means not as sweet as the normal fondant type.
A couple of pics of the boy's 1st birthday cake.

The pretty Rainbow interior which wowed my guests.

So, this year I got cupcakes instead thinking that it would be easier for the kids to eat.

I crack my brains just to come out with this 2 pics. My boy doesnt have any preference and I didnt want to get him character cakes this year thus I ended up with the rabbit picture which is something he really love because he needs it in order to sleep & a picture of him! He was soooo happy upon seeing his picture on the cake. As a mother all I want is to see the smile on his smile to make my day a better 1.

My lil handsome boy.

and his fav rabbit

Since I got 24 cupcakes I decided to have 2 different flavours. 1 in Hazelnut Choc and the other in Strawberry. Im usually a chocolate fan but this time round I preferred the strawberry cupcake! Really like how the rich taste of the strawberry melts in my mouth. I would highly recommend the strawberry flavour!

They have been really nice & patient with me since the 1st time I have ordered from them and even friends that ordered from them agreed about how good their service were and of cos the cake taste delicious. Good Service & Good tasting cake, What can we ask more?
Who says cakes are meant only for birthdays? Bakeajoy have done cakes from babyshower to graduation to dessert table. And Im thinking of ordering some teacher day cookies from them for my son to give to his teachers. (:
These are some of the dessert table that I really like. Am actually considering of getting them to do 1 for my new house next year. I believe every guest will be happy to see something like this for your party. Desserts makes people happy (:

And for that, Constance decided to give special rates to friends or readers of mine! Quote my name "Trina" and she will give you a special rate according to the cakes you ordered (:

Multi Coloured florals

A set that can make you happy just by looking at it. Really like this set alot! Happy colours that make your mood instantly better just by looking at it. And all this is possible using AngelProGelly!

Ribbon ball

Really like the ribbon which I meticulously pasted it to form de ribbons. Felt this set looks too cute, wanna do sth like that for myself too!

Aztec x Pastel

I have never thought that pastel will look good on Aztec designs. But this set just prove me wrong. Im not a fan of aztec designs, but I really like the stars I have added in this set and not to mention the not soo visible gradiant on the ring finger.

Nail Venus

Got this set off the magazine and changed the colours to make this set all soo girly!

Floral Lace

Firstly, HAPPY LABOUR DAY! A PH just for all working adults. the much needed rest from all the works you all have put in. Have an enjoyable day with the love ones. (:
Think  I did this set before but still decided to post it up as I rmb doing it in a different colour.